Del Silencio y otros textos

La ausencia

es una grieta

en el tiempo de los cuerpos.


6 comentarios en “Del Silencio y otros textos

    • that Hillary Clinton has fallen well far behind Barack Obama in New Hampshire after her third-place finish in Iowa.Rasmussen Reports, in a telephone survey of 510 likely Democratic voters on Friday, found 37 percent backing Barack Obama, 27 percent for Clinton.In Ra#semsun&s8217;s last New Hampshire polling, before Christmas, Clinton led Obama by 3 percent.I think we can stick a fork in Hillary Clinton and begin confidently saying, “PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK OBAMA!”Woooooo Hoooooo!

  1. Hmmm. I recall many a hearty dinner in my local Catholic Church’s basement where the ladies were raising money for this or that. These ladies made the best church basement turkey dinner you could ever imagine. (This only happened well into my adulthood, as in my youth Lutherans just didn’t set foot in the Catholic church. And I’m sure we weren’t welcome an)oeyySomahww, I just don’t see the old ladies baking turkeys and peeling tons of potatoes to raise money to keep the monsignor out of prison.Could be wrong . . . .


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